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Competitions Lighting new stats

Competitions Lighting new statsThe other day there was traditional republic competition of singers of national songs dedicated to the memory of well-known figure of art, national artist of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan Aimhan Shamuratova in the theatre of young audience named after S Hojaniazov. The aim of the event was to find new talents, development of theatrical art, and popularization of national music, supporting talented youth and starting artists. The organizers of the competition were Ministry of art and sport of the republic of Karakalpakstan, republican methodological centre of national creative and cultural work, the union of Karakalpakstan and the house and museum of A. Shamuratova. The artist of Nukus, Hodjeyli, Kegeyli, Chimbay, Tahtakupir, Amydariya, Shymanay and Karauziak district took part there.
The deputy of minister of culture and sport A.Nietullaev opened the event with introductory words, who marked the role and importance of creation of A.Shamuratov in the art of the republic. The competition was opener by the soloist "of folk ensemble" Gulzat Muhabbat Nurjanova. She sang a karakalpak national song "Dembermes". Then popular singers Mirzagul Tolegenova, Jamila Begbergenova and Azima Usenova sang songs.
On condition of the competition the age of competition was not limited. So popular singers took part in this competition. There was huge interest to-the competition and creation of many audience even there weren’t lest seats in the theatre for many people.
The songs of Gauhar Saytova and Mirigul Mambetmurator from Nukus Kaligul Maulenova from Kegeyli Gulshagul Bekturganova from Tahtakupir produced a good impression to the audience.
The members of the jury were chairman of the republic H.Muhameddinov, editor of the magazine "Amudaria" a well-known poet X.Darletnazarov, a national artist of Uzbekistan M.Saparova director of karakalpak puppet show P. Aymuratov and others, It wasn't easy to find victors, because the level of masters was too high.
Everybody was looking forward to the result of the competition. But suddenly elderly woman appeared on stage and sang a karakalpak national song "Awezim" amazing with a beautiful voice. She was an inhabitant and pensioner of Nukus Kanshayim Madreymova. The audience appraised het mastery and she sang about ten national songs at their request.
I wanted to become a singer from my childhood she said on the interview with me, But for some reason I couldn't implement my dream. Though don't appear on stage I sing songs in the boson of my friends with pleasure.
The interest of the audience was great to the competition. They said their opinions about competitors and creation of A, Shanuratova.
"I think A, Shanuratova has been a bright star of karakalpak" art-said the inhabitant of Nukus Joldasbay Kurbaniazov. It is said than she travelled all over the villages of the republic, sang songs, staged shows, I hope that holding competitions like this will be stimulus for the development of song art and folk songs will be favorite for the youth.
-The career of A. Shamuratova can be example for the starting artists, -said the chairman of gathering citizen N5 from Nukus Urhia Tanirbergenova. I am glad that there are a lot of talented singers in our republic.
-We are glad that the competition drew an audience of the citizens of republic "said Ayjamal Taybatdieva granddaughter of A.Shamuratova. "I am proud of bung granddaughter of Amet and A.Shamuratovs. They carried a large investment for the developing of art of karakalpakstan. My granny was an outstanding personality. I remember that she liked "to fiddle" in the kitchen cooking tasty dishes. She was a strong woman not given up facing difficulties of like. Now when I have my own children I understand that it is difficult to stay personal not failing oneself.
Worrying moment has come. The members of the jury were ready to announce the result. The victor of the nomination "The best singer of folk songs" was the soloist of Public creative unification of Nukus. G. Saytova, N.Nuetullaeva and G.Esnazarova were voted as "The most active participants". On the decision of the jury A.Aralbaeova form Shumanay district was the strongest in the nomination "The best singer of arias"
G. Hudaibergeniva had the third place. For the prize there were Gwen DVD players, E.Mambetnazarova and M.Mambetmuratova had the second place and they were awarded with "Multubarka" But there was a question:
Who will be winner of the competition?
And the student of first course of Nukus student of the first course of Nukus state Pedagogical Institute named after Ajiniaz G.Bekturganova was appeared on the stage with applause of the audience. She won the first place and prize winners were awarded with television "Artel". The victors and prize winners were awarded with valuable gifts by the competition. Everything was organized by Aimgul Shamuratova – the youngest daughter of the Shamuratovs.
The citizens of the city have already liked this competition and a number of persons who interested to take part in it is growing every year.
Competitions Lighting new stats
Competitions Lighting new stats
Competitions Lighting new stats
Competitions Lighting new stats
Competitions Lighting new stats
Competitions Lighting new stats
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