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» Biography of Ayymkhan Kazymbetovoy (Shamuratova)

Biography of Ayymkhan Kazymbetovoy (Shamuratova)

6 ноябрь 2018

Passionate interest to sing and stage art is awakened by Aiymkhan Kazymbetova since childhood. While being still a little girl, she eagerly song Karakalpak folk songs, melodies in herself, which have become verses of Karakalpak classic poets in folk songs. She started alone, and then in the presence of people selflessly song them. Genuine experts of art, even in those days, had time to discern in the young singer the bearer of a unique talent-nugget, and they predicted a great stage future.
Ayimkhan Shamuratova (Kazymbetova) was born in 1917 in Kanlykulsky district, village №7 in the family of a poor peasant farmer. She lost her father early. Her father, in his lifetime, also took a dutar in his hands and sang folk songs.
She was invited to the stage of the Kungrad collective farm theater, where she sang songs while still being 10-12 years old girl. After graduating from elementary school, she went to study in Turtkul (the former capital of Karakalpakstan). Since her mother was against her going to the stage, she entered in teacher training courses. Once, when she visited the city theater, where Abdiraman Otepov performed on the stage, she instantly decided to become an actress and remained in the theater. Her first tutor and teacher was Abdiraman Otepov. He was the founder of the first Karakalpak theater. The playwright, director, he gathered actors, people for the theater, organized housing and food, agitated women, because at that time the Muslim clergy violently turned against everything new, when especially the girls had to pave the way to a new life with great difficulty. In Uzbekistan, many fathers and brothers killed their sisters and daughters for taking off the veil. Karakalpak women did not wear the veil, but nevertheless entering the stage is a feat of a fearless little girl who paved the way to a new life for the first time on the stage.
Her first role was based on the play by Seifulgabit Majitov “Baghdagul”, where she played the main character Baghdagul. She performed this role so skillfully that for a long time people called her name Baghdagul. She played many more roles.
In 1936 she went to Moscow to sign up for the All-Union Radio and records. She performed live folk songs “Bozatau”, “Aksyngul”, “Chimbay”, etc. These songs were also recorded on a record. There in Moscow, she met a young Amet Shamuratov, her future husband, who studied in Moscow. Then, after a few years, they got married.
One interesting story of Ayimkhan was played by Kamil Yashen's play “Gulsara”, the mother of Gulsara Aisara, where a young girl dropped the veil, for that reason the father inflicted a knife wound, and Aisara the mother interceded for her daughter and the knife fell into it. The young academician Sagitov was present at the theater and wrote an article about the play in the newspaper. A month later, this newspaper reached the village Ayimkhan. After reading the newspaper, mother Ayimkhan scolded her son, brother Ayimkhan, to slaughter a bull and bring Ayimkhan's body to her native village. After 3-4 days, barely having reached Turtkul, brother Ayimkhan came to the theater, where the performance was going on and saw a live sister. He shouted: “Ayimkhan my kindred soul” and ran to the stage. They embraced and greeted each other. All the spectators stood up and applauded them. From that day, mother Ayimkhan Biybazhar blessed her daughter.
Over the long years of 60 years of stage activity in the theater of musical drama and comedy Ayimkhan Shamuratova managed to create more than 100 full-fledged female images. The play “Baghdagul” by Seifulgabit Majitov, “Gulsara” by Kamil Yashen of the musical drama “Garip Ashik” (Garip in Love) by A. Begimov, T. Allanazarova, Tolganai from the heroic drama “Maternal Field” by Ch. Aytmatova, and she masterfully performed the roles of women of Kazakh, Uzbek, Russian, Turkmen, Azerbaijani and many others peoples former republics of CIS.
The geography of many years of travel of the famous singer and actress Aiymkhan Shamuratova goes far beyond the borders of the republic. She deservedly represented Karakalpak theatrical art on the stage of well-known theaters of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, etc.
She participated in all two week days of culture of Uzbekistan.
Ayimkhan Shamuratova went through a wonderful school of highly experienced and excellent directors, composers and conductors.
Talented Karakalpak directors Tolek Sarybaev, Abdiraman Otepov, Yuldash Sharipov, Yuldash Mamutov, Toresh Allanazarov, Namazhatdin Ansatbaev Kazakh directors Omarov, Azerbaijan Mambetov, Azerbaijan directors Asanov, Uzbek Zukhur Kabulov, Dzhavad Abbasov, Azbekov Azerbaijan, directors of Jawad Abbasman.
G.Abdulov, the father of actor Alexander Abdulov, who for a long time lived in Nukus with the family director of the Karakalpak theater, made a great deal for the prosperity of the Karakalpak theater, took care of the actors and for a long time after departure sent greeting cards to Ayimkhan Shamuratova. All these directors carefully added her to the secrets of professional acting drama. As a vocalist, the well-known composer, such as V. Shafrannikov, I. Kompaneets, Kozlovsky, A, Halimov, F. Nazarov, M. Nasimov, etc., effectively assisted in mastering the subtleties of the musical art of singing Ayimkhan Shamuratova, as a singer.
During the Great Patriotic War, she made a great contribution to those with two babies born in 1942, daughter Zuhra, and born in 1943 with daughter Ziyada, she led the propaganda team and traveled in villages with a group of artists in cold and heat, without transport and collecting money for combat aircraft. Stage mastery Ayimkhan Shamuratova is a close fusion of the advanced traditions of Karakalpak folk music and modern vocal art.
Constantly working to improve their acting skills, mastering the best achievements of foreign and Karakalpak advanced theatrical art, living in the created stage images, Ayimkhan Shamuratova managed to rise to the level of a genuine star of Karakalpak theatrical art and musical culture, the national pride of the Karakalpak people.
She made an invaluable contribution to the needy actors in the acquisition of housing, and also brought up a large number of actors.
She took an active part in the public life of the republic from 1948 to 1967, for two years she was elected a deputy of Nukus, the city council of people's deputies, and twice a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
For a great contribution to the development of Karakalpak theatrical and musical art A. Shamuratova was repeatedly honored with high government awards and honorary title. So in 1940 she was awarded the title of People's Artist of Karakalpakia.
In 1950, she was conferred the title of People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR, and in 1968 A. Shamuratova was awarded the title “People’s Artist of the USSR”, the only artist in Karakalpakstan who was awarded this award as a sign of the nationwide vocation. She is also twice awarded the Order of Labor Glory, the Order of the Badge of Honor, and the Order of Labor Difference, the Order of Maternal Glory.
When her husband Amet Shamuratov died in 1953, he was only 41 years old, and A. Shamuratova was 36 years old. She was left a widow with 7 children in her arms, the youngest Aiymgul was only a month old. All brought up and put on their feet, all have higher education eldest daughter:
Shamuratova Gulistan (1937) - Honored Worker of Karakalpakstan, poetess.
Shamuratova Gulzhakhan (1939) - Honored teacher of Karakalpakstan, teacher of the highest category, worked for many years as a school director.
Shamuratova Zukhra (1942-1996) worked for many years as a teacher of geography at the Nizami Institute in Tashkent.
Shamuratova Ziyada (1943) - worked as the director of the house of culture at Aralvodstroi.
Shamuratov Berdimurat (1946-2012) - worked as a assistant of the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, head of the Council of Ministers.
Shamuratova Zulfiya (1952) - Associate Professor, teacher of foreign literature of the Nukus State Pedagogical Institute named after Azhiniyaz.
Shamuratova Ayymgul (1953) - teacher of English, director of the museum "Amet and Ayimkhan Shaumratova".
In 2004, on the day of the 13th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan, A. Shamuratova was awarded posthumously the Order "For Great Merit for the Fatherland."
This award was presented by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, I.A. Karimov, to his daughter and to the director of the museum, Ayymgul Shamuratova.
Ayimkhan Shamuratova played a lot of female characters in the theater with different fates, she deserved people's fame, but in real life she had a lot of joy and a lot of sad. She with dignity and even very well managed in real life with the role of the Mother and remains forever in the hearts of people as the mother of all mothers of our native land.
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