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Museum Shamuratovs

The Museum Amet and Ayimkhan Shamuratovs is in Sarajev street (opposite to the museum Jipek joli) gives a unique opportunity to observe the private life of two outstanding people of culture of Karakalpakstan.
Amet Shamuratov (1912-1953) wrote prose, verses and plays, still popular now, while his wife Ayimkhan (1917-1993) was a theatre actress who has played more than hundreds of roles in the plays of Karakalpak, Uzbek, Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian playwrights. She also was a singer known by performance of arias. For visiting the museum it is necessary to contact to hotel "Jipek joli".

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The museum works without target(day off) from 9:00.

Entrance fee: 2 US $
The address: a street. N.Saraeva, 29
Nukus, Republic Karakalpakstan,
Uzbekistan, 713000
Tel: (+998-61) 222-11-00, 222-34-52
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