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The History of the Museum

The History of the Museum

The house-museum of Amet and Ayimkhan Shamuratovs – is one of the first house-museums of Uzbekistan – is a sightseeing of Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan. It was founded in 1999 with the effort of Shamuratov's children and their own financial bankrolls. There is the richest Amet Shamuratov's collection (1912-1953)at the museum. He is a writer, a poet, a playwright, a statesman and his wife Ayimkhan Shamuratova (1917-1993) is one of the first in the history of Karakalpakstan appeared on the theatre scene, played one hundred and more roles and hada unique voice.
The married couple has taken active participation in formation and development of Karakalpak culture, literature and art of XX century.

After Ayimkhan Shamuratov’s death in 1993 her children decided to build the House-museum of Amet and Ayimkhan Shamuratovs. To achieve that, there was chosen a site of 12 hundred parts near the building, where Ayimkhan Shamuratova lived herself, by the government of Karakalpakstan, in particular, by the leader of the Republic Ubbiniyaz Ashirbekov. Construction was headed by Ayimkhan Shamuratov's son - in - law, an honoured builder of Karakalpakstan – Tauibaldiev Sultamurat Karlibaevich.

The History of the Museum

Taubaldiev Sultamurat Karlibaevich was born on May 9, 1947, in the family of dechkan - a poor person at the state farm Sverdlov in Leninabad region (now Kanlikul region), where Ayimkhan was born herself.
He studied in karakalpak class, from his childhood he was keen on mathematics, participated in school, town and republican proficiency contests on the subject. He had a difficult life from the early childhood, as his mother died, when he was 9.
His elder brother Abdibay was studying in Tashkent at that time and was a student. Sultan and two younger brothers: a 6-year old Erezhep and a 6-month old Bazarbay lost their mother. In spite of a very difficult childhood, Sultan studied excellent and after leaving the 11th form of the secondary school went to enter the Higher Technical School named after Bauman in Moscow.
On success flu graduating from it, he entered the post-graduate course. After graduation from it he arrived in Nukus, and married to Ayimkhan Shamuratova's, younger daughter Ayimgul, and stayed in the capital. In Karakalpakstan under his management a lot apartments kindergartens, schools, mosques, hospitals were built in the rural area – such a great number that it's impossible to count .There is probably no any place where he didn't participate in the construction in Karakalpakstan. Love for books was originated from his childhood. He collected the great collection of the world classical music. Sultan was a music lover of classics Chopin, Mozart, Chaykovsky, Muslim Magomaev and he certainly loved karakalpak songs on the poems of Berdah, Azhiniyaz, Mahtymkuly in the performance of back sets A.Hozhalepesova, Genzhebaev, Tileumuratova, Amet Tarihov, Turganbay Kurbanov, but also loved to listen to the songs in the performance of Ayimkhan Shamuratova. He was delighted with her and told that Ayimkhan Shamuratova–was a sample of imitation for the young generation.
The History of the Museum

Since 2004 the disease slowly approached to him. He had diabetes of type II. He had an operation on the eyes, as a result, the vision became 30%, then the kidneys failed to operate, and simultaneously the gangrene of the right leg began. He was at a diagnostic research for 6 months in Tashkent. Then his son took him to Pakistan on transplantation of the kidneys. He had a transplantation of the kidney, and at the same place he had the right foot ablated. Sultan had been taken to Tashkent in a very bad condition, but afterwards on his request he was taken to Nukus. The Physician Holodova, that took care of the patients after the transplantation of the kidney, having examined him said-that he was going to live just a month. It was November of 2006. But Sultan did not give up, Ramil Sherlanov began to cure him.
Physical training, will to live and the appropriate treatment has done its point. Sultan continued to live, he began to go on working, drove up to car on a wheelchair and then he sat down himself near the driver, thereby he helped the elder son, who headed house building industrial complex, after him. He built 2 multi-strayed buildings, 2 schools in the rural area, each of them was 150 km from Nukus, Mangit and Kungrad. Next of Ayimkhan Shamuratov’s the museum he built the hotel "Jipek joli", began the construction of the new building of the hotel, helped in construction of the college.
In spite of the disease, that worried him at sleepless nights, with a fracture of the hip joint, when everybody told him that he didn't have to work, he said that as soon as he drove up to work, he felt better.
Here we involuntarily compare him with Ostrovsky and the hero of USSR Maresyev. Karakalpak Maresyev!. He always helped people, compassionated them and took to heart for them, he loved people, his friends, relatives, wife, children and grandchildren.
The only thing that was very tragic he could not hear the melodies at the end of his life.
His physician Ramil Sherlanov wrote the poems in honor of his anniversary.


In memory of karakalpak Maresyevin Tauibaldiev degree (Dedicated to my patient
Sultamurat Tauibaldiev)

You fought with painful illness
Although lived with transplant then
Remained blind, deaf and legless
But always was in people system

And though felt pain while shaking
You didn't pity yourself working
And even the wheelchairs
Begged you for resting

You lived, you thought and dispute with everyone
And wrote stories and verses
They discovered to all one day
Your mental features (stitches)!

Goodbye, my friend! I'll never forget
Your opinions' shrewd wit
I always will remember you
A lot of thoughts ignited me

( R.A.Sherlanov. Nukus, March 14, 2011)

Musaev Abatbay - director Takhiatash of a concrete factory.

Bayimbetov Mirzagaliy - chief of trust Kungratesodastroy.

Palekeev ZHumabay - Chief movable mechanized of a column. Takhiatash.

Esnazarov Artikbay - director private film "Aydin"

Behzhanov Medet - businessman. The grandson Ayimkhan Shamuratova.

We express gratitude to All builders from a public and culture of Karakalpakstan, and also from family Shamuratovs.

In honour of Sultamurat Taubaldiev – a builder of the museum of Shamuratovs, a documentary movie was made by Tashkent film directors and a book "Tests of destiny" was written and published in Tashkent in 2012.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно
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